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Single Machine Dualboot
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To set up a single machine dualboot:

  1. First image the computer with the standard ECC image.
./ -d /dev/sda
  1. Log onto the computer after imaging, set the hostname, domain join, and shrink the partition to accommodate for the Linux installation (60 GB-100 GB).
  2. Put in USB Live Disk (can make with Rufus), and boot off of it.
  3. Install Linux with live disk, name the computer with a suffix of -L following the windows hostname, then reboot.
  4. Sign in with a local admin account you created (eadmin), then open up the terminal and sudo as root (sudo -i).
  5. This step will go over domain joining from the Ubuntu side so users will be able to sign in with NetID credentials.
cd /opt
scp .
#input password
chmod +x
#after script finishes...
domainjoin-cli join RD.UNR.EDU $
#input password then reboot
  1. Have an admin (Zach) move both the Windows machine hostname and Linux machine hostname into the right OU, so user authentication will work properly.
  2. After this, test logging into both the Windows and Linux installations with NetID.
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