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Remote Instance Help
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Remote Instance Request
If you have not done so already, request a remote instance at: FormStack

Connecting to Remote Instance
Go to the following link and login:
If your request has been processed and you've gotten a confirmation email, you should see the following:

remoteconnection.PNG (210×754 px, 10 KB)

Click your NetID to access your Linux Instance.
Otherwise, if you've gotten a confirmation email and do not see Linux or your NetID. Send an email to

Remote Instance Setup
Never log out!
If this Panel set up shows, select: Use Default Config, as it will probably be the most familiar.

panel_start.PNG (195×564 px, 38 KB)

To customize or setup your panel
Right-click Desktop -> Applications -> Settings -> Panel
Add shortcuts/items through the Items tab

Remote Instance Usage
Open terminal: Right-click Desktop -> Open Terminal Here

Linux Basics

{text} is a placeholder

List files in directory


Change current directory to Home (~)

cd ~

Change to a directory

cd {directory}

To cd to parent directory

cd ..

Creating a new directory

mkdir {directory_name}

Simple text editor in terminal:

nano {filename}

To quit: Ctrl+X then N or Y to save the file associated

Advanced text editor in terminal:

vim {filename}

For help: >vimtutor
If VIM is frozen use Ctrl+Q (Since Ctrl+S will make Vim appear as its frozen)
To quit: >Esc> then ":q" OR <Esc> then ":wq" to save

GIT basics

To create a new LOCAL repository:

git init

To add files to be staged for a commit:

git add {files}

Or to add all files in the current directory

git add *

To commit:

git commit -m {message}

To reset everything to last commit (before you committed):

git reset --hard

To set a REMOTE repository

git remote add origin {url}

To push a commit to that remote origin:

git push origin master

To pull from remote origin:

git pull origin master

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