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WireGuard For Windows
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This goes over the procedure that should be given to students and professors when allowing them to access engineering software off campus with WireGuard. WireGuard is a VPN tunneling software that allows them to open a connection to the license server.

NOTE: To allow access to the specific software page that they are requesting, they must be added to PAM text files in the license server.

ssh #jump host
ssh into using coen-ansible key

#cd to the directory for the software that they wish to use
#edit the students or faculty files, and add in their netid to give them access.
#below is an example of how access to thermocalc was given to a professor:

Hello Professor,

There should now be access for you to download ThermoCalc from : #after adding their netids to the pam txt files

For licensing, these instructions should be followed using WireGuard on Windows:

Install WireGuard

Download the script at
Restart your PC.
After restarting, open up your command prompt.
Type in 'cd Downloads'
Type in '.\wge_cli.exe'
Fill out the information that it asks of you (Email and NetID)
Directions will appear on how to import the configuration file it generates into WireGuard. This configuration file will be in the Downloads folder since the script was ran in that folder.
After importing this configuration file, WireGuard should be set up correctly.
If you have installed ThermoCalc and WireGuard, you are now ready to run the software. Every time you run the software, you must have WireGuard open and connected to the license server.

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