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Spare Computers
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Hostnames are now different. Refer to

ECC Spare computers List:

ComputerLocationService TagMACModel
Spare-01Lab B replacing ecc-b-01F0CPPW190-B1-1C-7D-35-AA9010
Spare-03JT replacing ecc-jt-06
Spare-04back of front deskF08PPW190-B1-1C-79-F6-14
Spare-05JT replacing ecc-jt-26FJZQ48264-00-6A-44-22-AA
Spare-06Cyber Security Lab (NOT KNOWN IF MISSING OR NOT)FK1W48248-4D-7E-AC-68-C9
Spare-07JT replacing ecc-jt-10
Spare-09Quick PrintFK1058264-00-6A-44-22-73
Spare-10Server RoomFK1P48264-00-6A-44-22-46
Spare-11Lab B replacing ecc-b-06FJZY48264-00-6A-44-22-25
Spare-12JT replacing ecc-jt-29F0LQPW190-B1-1C-79-F3-DB
Spare-13Lab D replacing ecc-d-14FK0Z48278-45-C4-CB-80-85
Spare-14Server RoomFK2058264-00-6A-44-21-9B
Spare-15Server Room73X0QD2
Spare-16Server RoomFJZT48264-00-6A-45-05-4E7040
Spare-17Server RoomFJZV482F4-8E-38-92-2A-E37040
Spare-18Server RoomFK0X48264-00-6A-44-1D-127040
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