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Creating a pxe-usb
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Creating a PXE USB to boot to the menu

  • Step 1: Connect to steamboat using your netid and get root
sudo su
  • Step 2: Connect to tinkerbell
ssh -i /srv/ansible/.ssh/coen-ansible
  • Step 3: Go to /opt/ipxe/build/ipxe
cd /opt/ipxe/build/ipxe
  • Step 4: copy it to your home directory in steamboat
scp netboot.engr.usb
  • Step 5: Go back to local machine and copy from steamboat to local
scp ~/
  • Step 6: Find which device is the USB
fdisk -l
  • Step 7: Copy onto a usb
dd if=~/netboot.engr.usb of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
replace sdX with which device the USB is
  • Step 8: Test it!
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