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Text: Content/Headings
Headings are properly nested and in order. Heading styles/tags (<H1>-<H6>) should be used for all headings. Do not use text formatting to achieve the appearance of headings. Conversely, do not use heading tags (<H1>-<H6>) to achieve visual results only, as they convey a hierarchy.

All images must have alternative (alt) text. Alt text should be:
Accurate and provide an equivalent description of the image. Succinct, although some more detailed graphics or diagrams may require a longer description. Not redundant with surrounding text and does not use phrases such as "image of" or "picture of," etc.

However, based on our Canvas images are usually "eye candy" and alt text would only add audible clutter, marking as decorative images.


Use PAC, download from to check a PDF's accessibility.

When creating PDFs in word:

  1. Save As -> select PDF file type,
  2. click "More options..." link below file type,
  3. click "Options..." button,
  4. check "Document structure tags for accessibility" box under non-printing information
  5. and check "PDF/A compliant" box under PDF options.

After saving, check with PAC. If problems found with PAC, use to fix PDFs (Re-check with PAC before uploading).

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