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CSE Mailing List Aliases
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Here's how to add somebody to/update the CSE mailing list on Ponderosa:
You'll have to SSH as root onto, we'll use the CoEN Ansible Key to do so.

sudo su
ssh -i /srv/ansible/.ssh/coen-ansible

Now that we're on Ponderosa, we need to edit the actual mailing list:
nano /etc/aliases
--this may be intimidating to look at, but this is because of the sheer size of the number of faculty. In nano, you can search for a string using +W and type in whatever mailing list you want to search for. Let's use as an example:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 1.29.18 PM.png (344×1 px, 71 KB)

Simply add an email address to the end of the list. If adding multiple, make sure that they're separated by commas. When you're done, hit +X, Y, to save your changes and close out.

One last step: we need to update our aliases. Simply run newaliases in the terminal.

Done! Now you know how to add to a CSE mailing list.

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